We picture our home workspaces as ideal settings for leaving behind all distractions and getting work done. In reality, some days it either gets tough to find the right motivation, or it’s too easy to doze off when we’re supposed to be hitting a deadline. If you relate well to these situations, it’s time to spruce up your home office to stay productive.

Read ahead for 5 home office design ideas that give you the perfect workplace environment as well as help keep things comfortable. Whether you’re working from a nook in your room or a furnished workspace – these ideas will jazz up things for you. Look forward to finally completing that to-do-list and getting your creative juices flowing to come up with new business ideas!

1. Go Vintage

Ditch Amazon and Ikea for once and go for old sturdy furniture pieces. Anything from a teakwood cabinet to a pine desk would work wonderfully to give your workspace a rustic vibe. Furniture from a bygone century not only adds a sense of comfort but also creates new meaning in your modern space.

Contrast this dark furniture with sheer lace curtains and cream walls that let in ample light. Further amp up the walls with vintage wallpaper, photo frames, or even pin some old yellowed pages in front of your desk. Complete the look of this home office setup by either adding an ancient typewriter or dried roses. You can also fashion a potpourri out of dried flowers to give a beautiful fragrance to your home working nook that keeps you fresh and awake all day to get work done at home!

Burning the midnight oil to work late? We’ve even got the perfect doily lamp cover DIY for your vintage home office! All you need is some doilies, a large balloon, and mod podge/wall paper glue. First, blow up the party balloon, and stick the doilies carefully onto the entire surface with the glue. Then wait for a while, take a pin and pop the balloon. Voila! You’ve now got a doily cover ready to be added to a lit lamp.

2. Scandanavian Style

Love to keep things functional and yet aesthetic? Scandinavian style of interior design is the perfect choice for you to refurbish the home office. This style calls for minimalist clutter-free spaces that let in lots of natural sunlight. Go for neutral colours like white for the floor and walls. Alternatively, it also works out well if you already have wooden flooring.

Now add a wooden desk, a lamp, an armchair, and a ceramic vase with a plant or two. If you want to embellish slightly, add metal accents like copper wall sconces or brass pendants for the ceiling. This will not only provide ample lighting for your workspace but also complement well with the wooden structures.

For added texture to your space, go for simple designs like geometric prints for the cushion covers. Furnish with a wool carpet or sheepskin rug to complete the warm look of your space. You’re now ready to set working!

3. Colour Pop

Bring your vibrant heart into your office space to give it a lively and funky edge that will keep you inspired to work. Paint a primary colour like red on the walls and cabinets to amp up the bold look. If you want a subtler effect, go for a blue shade to give a calming yet colourful look to your home office.

Alternatively, you can keep the walls as they are and instead use a combination of colours to brighten up your home office. Office accessories like sticky notes, wall clocks, colourful bookends, and pastel organisers work the best! You can even add a block print rug or a solid coloured chair to complete you’re the entire look. However, we suggest you use these hues and elements wisely to complement the look of your workspace.

Are you in the mood to do something different? There’s also an upcoming fashion trend of creating entire black home offices! Merely get the walls painted a rich black or dark grey and you’re done! Either use furniture that stands out or simply match it with black furniture to give a sleek look to your modern home office.

4. Bohemian Vibes

Don’t believe in the “less is more” ideology? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a complete Bohemian spruce up that sits in tune with your free spirits.

All you have to do is mix elements from different cultures and layer your office with textile pieces that together create a lively environment. And handmade rugs are just the perfect way to incorporate the Boho vibe in your office! Be it Persian, Kashmiri, or Moroccan – these are a must-have to beautify your workspace.

Further, go bold with paintings, tassel work, macramé hangings, porcelain animal figurines, cane baskets, handmade statues, and more! Don’t forget to bring in some fresh greenery to your workspace by adding plants to your decor. Add interesting trinkets that you may have picked up from your travels on to your desk. Now your home office not only portrays your inner nomad but also tells a unique story about you!

5. Tropical Paradise 

Besides bringing in fresh plants and lots of sunlight, there are lots of ways to get the tropical vibe going in your home office design. For the walls, you can go for the classic white paint or mellow leafy wallpaper. If you’re looking for a beachy tropical vibe, opt for light blue walls. This style is not only about getting the green in but also other colours of the garden in your office.

The furniture must be simplistic. Often crafted from oak wood or bamboo, the desk pieces or cabinets should add to the tropical theme. For embellishment, use nature-inspired patterns like flowery cushion covers, Hawaiian curtains, or even animal prints to enhance the vibes.

Even if your workspace is modern but opens up towards a balcony full of plants, a hammock or an entire terrace garden – it would still be refreshingly tropical. Your office can be anything that gives you that extra breath of oxygen or a sense of openness – be it a secret garden or a refreshing window that looks towards it.

With this home office guide, we at Ashwin Sheth Group ensure that you’re aware of interesting decor ideas that help you to stay relaxed yet productive. So, use your weekends imaginatively to style your home office and give it a fun twist of your own.

Looking for more decor ideas to enjoy a relaxing time at home? Here is a guide to thoughtful home design that will see you through the pandemic and give innovative design solutions for after!

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